Tom, Dick & HarryTom, Dick & Harry
by Ray Cooney & Michael Cooney

November 27 - December 19, 2009

Directed by Rhonda Clark

A madcap romp with rapid-fire dialogue that would do Preston Sturges proud - all youíre missing is Cary Grant in a negligee!

Tom and Linda are a couple desperate to adopt a baby. If they can impress the social worker that the adoption agency sends for a site visit, a child will be theirs. Trouble rears its ugly head when Tomís brothers, Dick and Harry arrive. Devil-may-care Dick prefers smuggling to a regular job, and daffy Harry works at the local hospital morgue, but both are eager to help their big brother.

The brothers' "help" produces cases of illegal brandy, a bag of body parts, two illegal immigrants from Kosovo and a Russian mobster. Lies pile on top of lies and mayhem ensues until things couldnít possibly get worse. Or could they? Of course, they can!







Tom Kerwood   Terry Veal
Linda Kerwood   Dawn Deckman Moeller
Dick Kerwood   Christopher Curtis
Harry Kerwood   Brett Young
Katerina   Caitlyn Cairns
Andreas   Paul Smith
Constable Downs   Ryan Joseph Swartz
Mrs. Potter   Too Too Cirlot
Boris   Shane Green


Director & Sound Design   Rhonda Clark
Set Design   Caleb Schnackenberg
Rhonda Clark
Costume Design   Charlotte Rose
Lighting Design   Amy Ackerman
Stage Manager   Bob Cross
Asst. Stage Manager   Rachel E. Morgan
Light Board Operator   Kory Kight
Sound Operator   Angela Curtis
Set Construction   Caleb Schnackenberg
Scenic Artist   Nick Backes
Other Scenic Painting   Caleb Schnackenberg
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Lighting Crew   Scott Hynes
Poster & Ad Design   Jonathan Siler
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton
CST Artistic Director   Rhonda Clark
CST Box Office Manager   Vicky Zipf
CST Technical Director   Steven Gillmore


Horn Trader Music Store - Rob Freedman - Phil Carlton - Jon Womastek - Mona Cross - Rodney Brazil - Amy Ackerman

Cast Sponsor: Larry & Leah Westmoreland

This comedy is dedicated to Virginia Morozuk, a long-time volunteer
and board member who loved to laugh and loved Carpenter Square Theatre.
Virginia (b. 1921 - d. 2009) will be greatly missed.



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