TORCH SONG TRILOGY logoTorch Song Trilogy
by Harvey Fierstein

July 5-21, 1985
Directed by Kate Hammett

CST proudly presented the first regional theatre production of TORCH SONG TRILOGY. 

Director's Notes:
Why did I want to direct Torch Song Trilogy? Because this vital play combines humor, strong personal statement and the element of daring that Carpenter Square is known for.

When I went to the show in New York, I didn't want to be there. I'd already sat through a really boring 3 1/2 hours of MAGIC FLUTE at New York City Opera all afternoon and was exhausted from jet lag and two weeks of racing around Europe. But a little devil on my shoulder said "Kate, you've already got the ticket. Go just for the first act, then you can leave."

Well, I went. All alone. Crammed against the wall among strangers in a dirty little theater. There, on a shabby set, with no fancy costumes or props, no fancy production numbers or big star names, was acted out a story I just can't forget. The story of a kind, loveable guy who isn't bothering anybody and doesn't ask for anything but respect and a chance to build a tiny little place in this world for himself. For three and a half hours I was amused, touched, shocked, and -- best of all -- enlightened about a segment of life that I had never experienced or even tried to understand.

"Why try to understand?" people have asked.

Folks, that's what life is all about. Understanding, learning, growing. I grew up in the deep south surrounded by genteel prejudice and social injustice. I hate it whenever I find it.

When I saw TORCH SONG, I recognized yet another form of that age old game of intolerance.

There's an old saying, something about you can't judge or understand another person until you have walked in his moccasins. Well, seeing that show in New York, I walked in Arnold's bunny slippers - tasted his tears of frustration, his wonderful humor and hopeful optimism. I grew a lot watching this show, and thought you might like a chance to laugh and cry and learn with Arnold just as I did.

- Kate Hammett




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Lady Blues

  Vikki Simer
Arnold Beckhoff   Gary Sims
Ed   Bill Welden
Laurel   Rhonda Clark
Alan   Robleigh Majors
David   David Roby
Mrs. Beckhoff   Suzanne Charney
Pianist    Anthony Riley


Director   Kate Hammett
Asst. Directors   Jill Herndon
Regina Randall
Stage Mgr.   Len Slater
Props   Sharon Patana
Costumes   Pauli DeWitt
Lighting Design   Kirk Lewis
Electrical Tech   Kyle Lewis
Sound/Spotlight   Jill Herndon
Set Design   Kate Hammett
Set Construction   Tim Dalton
James Knott
Asst. Tech. Director   James Knott
Set Crew   Tom Gragg
Kevin Gragg
Greg Roberts


Sherman-Clay Music Company, Piano - David Conley, Technical Assistance - Tony Newcomb, T-Shirts - Jewel Box Theatre - OKC Scenic Company - Seabrooks Formal Wear - Judy Merrill - Mike Jones & Jill Woody, Sound - Denver Reese Typographics

Produced by special arrangement with The William Morris Agency, New York, NY.


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