Twilight of the Golds - logoTwilight of the Golds
by Jonathan Tolins

January 5 - 27, 1996
Directed by Ruth Charnay

What if your parents knew everything about you before you were born?

This award-winning drama poses that question using modern science and opera as a backdrop for a confused and broken family's search for clarity and repair.

The Golds, a middle-class Jewish family, must consider moral and ethical issues when Suzanne Gold-Stein finds she is pregnant and her husband Rob, a genetic researcher, employs his latest research coup to reveal the genetic makeup of their child. Rob discovers that the child's genetic makeup indicates that he will be "like David", referring to Suzanne's gay brother. The couple find themselves in the ethically tricky position of deciding whether to abort or face the challenge of raising a child that does not meet their expectations.




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David Gold

  Terry Veal
Suzanne Gold-Stein   Kym Koch
Rob Stein   Andy Rapoport
Phyllis Gold   Jody McCoy
Walter Gold   Bob Cross


Director   Ruth Charnay
Stage Manager   JoLynne Lair
Scenic Designer & Painter   Nick Backes
Sound & Lighting Designer   Joe Daleo
Backstage Crew   Sally Blevins
Patrick Isaacs
Light Operator   JoLynne Lair
Sound Operator   Mona Cross


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Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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