THE UNEXPECTED GUEST - logo by Jef FontanaThe Unexpected Guest
by Agatha Christie

May 5-20, 1989
Directed by Sam Burris

When a stranger runs his car into a ditch in dense fog in South Wales, near the coast, and makes his way to an isolated house, he discovers a woman standing over the dead body of her wheelchair-bound husband, gun in her hand. She admits to murder, and the unexpected guest offers to help her concoct a cover story.

But is it possible that Laura Warwick did not commit the murder after all? If so, who is she shielding? The victim's retarded young half-brother or his dying matriarchal mother? Laura's lover? Perhaps the father of the little boy killed in an accident for which Warwick was responsible? The house seems full of possible suspects.



Suzanne Charney and Don Lusk in THE UNEXPECTED GUEST


Richard Warwick

  Randy Bumgarner
Laura Warwick   Michelle DeLong
Michael Starkwedder   Miles Miller
Miss Bennett   Suzanne Charney
Jan Warwick   Don Lusk
Mrs. Warwick   Mary S. Patterson
Henry Angell   Todd Hawkins
Sergeant Cadwallader   John Ferguson
Inspector Thomas   Bob Zienta
Julian Farrar   G. Arthur Sorenson


Director   Sam Burris
Stage Manager   Terry Haney
Lighting Designer   Michael Cregan
Master Carpenter   Jef Fontana
Logo Design   Jef Fontana


Ron & Joanie Richardson

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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